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Cup seal machine
Cans Sealing Machine
Caps lock Machine
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Product details  
Product Name£º TW-4A Semi-Automatic Sealing Machine
Classification£º Cans Sealing Machine
Model£º TW-4A
Brand Products£º ELIDA
Product Price£º  

TW-4A Semi-Automatic Sealing Machine / Sealing hand wide / Automatic Sealing tin / aluminum cans sealed / sealed cans / cans capping machine: Sealing with good quality, simple and compact structure, operation and maintenance will be, Small size, light weight, low noise seal, a small amount of replacement parts to large and small caliber closure of the tank, widely applied to cans, paper, cans, plastic, metal cans, sealed the Boli Guan, small and medium-sized beverage plants, cola, herbal tea , Plant food, pickles, canning factory, can manufacturing plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical, health care products ideal for equipment.

Sealing a high degree of :30-320mm
Sealing :50-220mm diameter
Production :1200-1500 bottles / hour
Electric power: 250w.220v/50hz
Equipment weight: 90kg
Overall dimensions: 600mm ¡Á 450mm ¡Á 1400 mm

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