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Product details  
Product Name£º Automatic cutting machine closure GP-250
Classification£º cuff sealing & filming machine
Model£º GP-250
Brand Products£º ELIDA
Product Price£º  

Automatic cutting machine closure GP-250
Automatic machine series of letters cut applied to canned food, beverage, wine, Japan, daily necessities, such as packaging group (round, square, flat-applicable). After the goods have a moisture-proof packaging, dust-proof, anti-damage features.
1, the whole design is reasonable, simple and easy to operate. PE can support the use of thermal machine, or even into one of the packaging production line.
2, the use of film roll, automatic completion of the bag, filling, sealing, cutting off the whole process of packing speed.
3, the PLC used to control and reduce mechanical contact, so that the system is more stable and reliable and easier maintenance.
4, frequency stepless speed regulation, accessible and user-friendly.
5, using photoelectric detection control, stable and reliable.
Machinery size of about 1500 ¡Á 850 ¡Á 1500
Shrink-size (150-500) ¡Á (100-300) ¡Á (80-300)
Power 220V, 2.5KW
Gas source 0.4-0.8MPa
Packaging capacity of 1-15 packages / minute

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