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Product Name£º TW-505A cuff-style semi-automatic packaging machines
Classification£º cuff sealing & filming machine
Model£º TW-505A
Brand Products£º ELIDA
Product Price£º  

Cuff-style semi-automatic packaging machine TW-505A
TW-505A cuff-style semi-automatic packaging machines / air-cuff-sealing machine / automatic film sets seal packaging machine: suitable for cans, mineral water, beer, glass bottles, bottled drinks and other products free care at the end (or bottom up ) Heat shrink packaging; constant temperature and at the same time supporting the use of heat shrink packaging machines, materials to make the perfect packaging effect.
a. the largest packaging size: 450 ¡Á 270 ¡Á 350mm
The smallest package size: 250 ¡Á 60 ¡Á 60
b. voltage power: 220 ~ 240V ,50-60HZ; 1.8KW
c. speed packaging :2-5pcs / minute
d. Cut sealed time :0.5-1 .5s/0-0.6s
e. dead weight: 30kgs
f. film width / thickness (the largest): 500mm/0.04-0.12mm
g. machine size: 1020 ¡Á 830 ¡Á 1980mm
h. machine weight: 120kgs
i. application of the membrane contraction: PE, POF, PVC, PP

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